• Erin Morrow

Bulk Billed Tele Health Support for Bushfire Survivors

So many people have inspired me as they have banded together to support people affected by the Australian bushfires. So I wanted to offer something myself: If you are in a rural or remote area and can get a medicare mental health care plan I will bulk bill telehealth sessions for you.

This means that the sessions occur at no cost to you. Most of the areas currently being affected by bushfires are classified as rural or remote, however if you are unsure check the links below or contact me to discuss your options.

I know that the fires are still raging and people's main concern is their immediate survival, but once the immediate risk is over and you feel that you want help, please reach out via the Contact page of my website.

Telehealth for rural and remote areas: eligibility.

Rural and remote location classification finder:

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